In order to help you maintain good oral health, we take X-rays of your teeth as part of your cleaning and prevention plan at our Del Rio, TX dental practice. Our office is equipped with the GALILEOS 3D imaging machine, a digital X-ray machine that helps us to diagnose any potential problems.

Receiving a GALILEOS 3D X-ray is a quick and comfortable process, usually taking less than a minute to complete. Our machine will take over 200 high-definition pictures of your mouth and teeth so that we have the complete picture of your oral health. In addition, the GALILEOS 3D imaging system is completely safe, emitting less radiation than a traditional X-ray machine. Even though digital radiography is much safer than a traditional X-ray machine, we still take all measures to prevent any unnecessary radiation exposure because your health and safety are always our highest priorities.

The images taken by the GALILEOS 3D digital imaging system can be viewed instantly, which allows our dental team to detect any potential issues before they become large problems. It is important to have dental X-rays taken in order to prevent any pain, discomfort, or permanent damage to your teeth and mouth.

Do I need an X-ray?

We recommend having an X-ray of your top and bottom teeth taken at least once or twice a year. However, depending on your specific symptoms, signs, and medical/dental history, we may recommend having more X-rays taken. For more information on digital X-rays or to schedule your appointment at Amistad Dentistry, please give our office a call today.

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