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Cleanings and Exams

During your normal checkups at Amistad Dentistry, we provide both exams and dental cleanings. Dental cleanings at our office differ from your normal home dental routine of brushing and flossing.

During your checkup, our dental team will remove any present calculus and plaque as well as polish your teeth so that you can remain healthy and free from periodontal (gum) disease. It is important to have your teeth regularly cleaned by a dental professional such as our dentists. Plaque and calculus can only effectively be removed by someone trained to use ultrasonic dental tools and specialized dental instruments.

Exams at our office encompass a few things, including:

  • An examination of the X-rays we take of your teeth
  • A screening for oral cancer and gum disease
  • An evaluation and examination for any present tooth decay
  • An examination of any existing dental restorations, including crowns and fillings

We invite you to contact our office in Del Rio today to schedule your next checkup with our dentist. We look forward to helping you maintain your oral health!

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